Emotional Therapy Portraiture

Emotional Therapy Portraiture is the name we have given to a new niche of photography we are pursuing. This is a special kind of photoshoot; one that centers around the emotional/psychological needs of the subject. With these images we may capture inexpressible feelings, catalysts for self-discovery and shifts in thinking, symbolic use of objects and imagery to paint a portrait of a state of mind needing to be pulled apart or put together, or anything else we come up with after client consultation. The end product could be a single image, or a series of images. Session includes guided meditation, collaboration on specific visuals, and the photoshoot itself. The ultimate purpose being to aid in your own expression and resolution of emotions. Also see our series on the experiences of empaths for more examples of this kind of work.


Below find some of the images that have been created in the manner described above:







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