Our Philosophy

Who We Are

Lota Iconis means “fine view” in Latin.  Our vision is to see things as they are and what they can be.  By seeing the world through the Lota Iconis lens, we provide our clients with a unique perspective that is both inspiring and insightful. 

Our Experience

With 16+ years behind the camera, Lota Iconis is continually making strides in the industry.  From multiple genres and verticals including weddings, corporate, artists, and documentaries, we have worked with a diverse array of people, cultures, backgrounds, and industries. We will soon add our own in-house creative and conceptual work to further push and grow as a company!


Whether it’s an intimate meeting, artistic endeavor, or that larger than life celebration, Lota Iconis’ mission is to bring creativity, ingenuity, and productivity to capture what is most important and meaningful to you. Whether behind the lens or otherwise, we keep you in focus.

Performance and Art

There is something profound about the energy in music and performance art.

Having worked with many artists, musicians, actors and the like, we have developed an eye for finding that undefinable energy with both photography and videography.

See you on the other side of the lens.

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