My Philosophy

The Medium of My Heart

There are some things that I can only communicate through photography. It is a way for to me honor the beauty, character and life I observe in my surroundings. Seeing the world through the lens gives me a different perspective that is both inspiring and insightful.


I am humbled by the moments that have unfolded which I have been able to capture, reinforcing that this is what I am meant to do.

Labor of Love

This is my labor of love. In my 16+ years behind the camera, I am continually encouraged by how much each shoot teaches me something new and provides opportunities for me to hone my craft and work with a diverse array of people.


Whether its an intimate gathering, momentous occasion, or that larger than life celebration, I have the expertise to document any event by harmoniously capturing the moments most important to you.


I value the importance of connecting with others, so that your images reflect the true you.

Performance and Art

There is something profound about the energy in music and performance art.

Having worked with many artists, musicians, actors and the like, I have developed and eye for finding that undefinable energy with both photography and video.


I find beauty in everything and bring out the character and quality of the products and objects I shoot.

See you on the other side of the lens.